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Unlimited reasons to choose Aconcagua Express, those who come easy to visualize are:

1 Success Rates

2 Best acclimatization program.
We offer programs that allow the best chance of acclimatization, with many days of rest on lower camp, drinking a lot and eating very well. Our acclimatization process consist of climbing to the higher camp to carry gears and come back to sleep on the lower camp. Moreover we have 3 days to attempt the summit, so we have plenty of time to wait for the best physical and weather conditions.

3 Best Professional Mountain Guides
All our guides are professional certified mountain guide. Mostly local guides that have climbs many time the Aconcagua through the different routes every year.

4 Perfect Clients To Guide`s Ratio
We use a guide for 3 clients only on the Ameghino Upper Guanacos, Polish and Traverse, Polish Glaciar route and a guide for 4 clients on the Normal route.

5 Porters
We offer porters for tents, for all the expeditions to the Aconcagua (service included in our price !). We have our own porter team. We use mules to carry all gears to base camp and then porters for tents to high camps.

6 Only 12 clients maximum
For experience we know that the maximum of climbers per expedition shouldn't be more than 12.

7 Best High Altitude Mountain Equipment
We use best mountain equipment such as a Mountain Hardware & North Face Tents

8 Best Safety Support
Our guides are equipped with oximeter to measure the saturation of oxygen of each client allowing daily control and safety in the route to the summit. Hyperbaric chamber

9 Permanent communication
Satellite phone : All our expeditions carry a satellite phone for safety and clients communication needs.
Radio Communication : Both base camp are equipped of VHF 2 mt & BLU HF radio communication equipment.

10   Twenty Four (24) Years Aconcagua's most Professional & Impeccable Safety Record
Aconcagua Express Expeditions can claim that had ZERO accident in 22 years operation, none injury, nor death.

11 News
Your family & friends can follow your progression on the mountain directly from our web page. RSS system ?

12 Clients' References
Who can speak better about a company than their own clients ? We publish on our website all the commentaries that the clients send us after an expedition. Some allow us to give their e mail address and you feel free to contact them to know better about us.

13 Environment friendly
Leave no trace, etc... Gamow Bag

14 The Most Valuable Price
You can compare between the companies and you will realize that we offer the fairest rates when you analyze our offer which include the most key aspect for a successful Aconcagua climb (18 to 20 days depending the program) including Porters for common gear!.

15 Five-star hotels
We use in Mendoza only five-stars hotels, the NH Hotel or Hyatt. In Penitentes we use the best hotel in town Hotel Ayelen.

16 Complete Registration Package
When you get registered for an expedition we send you a complete registration package, including a Topographic Map, The Aconcagua, "Summit of America" book by Mauricio Fernandez, travel information, equipment long list, training program, how to pack your luggage, etc...

17 Safe Gear Storage
We use a local in Penitentes and tents on both Base Camps to storage clients' gears. They are safe and allow you to not carry unnecessary gear on the mountain.

18 Nutritious food
Fresh food on base camp / good high camp diet

19 Transportation
Best ground transportation vehicule, including airport pick up, private transport.

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