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Easter Island Archeological Trek

Planning to travel to Easter Island one is aware that one flies to the loneliest inhabited island of the world. So it is not surprising that Easter Island was populated only 500 A.D. by Polynesians coming from the west. Until the end of the 17th century these Polynesian immigrants created a unique culture, with almost 900 stone statues and about 200 platforms reminding us of the mysteries still remaining unsolved. On Easter Sunday 1722 Easter Island was discovered by the Europeans, Easter Sunday giving Easter Island its presently used name. But we find not only stone statues and platforms on Rapa Nui. A very important aspect of Easter Island culture is the stone carvings of the Birdman Cult and the Birdman competition, taking place in the Ceremonial Village of Orongo. In the year of 1888, when the remaining 110 inhabitants were already christened by the missionaries, Easter Island was annexed by Chile and until today transported into modern times.

Nowadays Easter Island has about 4.000 inhabitants, with an airport, hotels, restaurants and a touristy infrastructure to guarantee our visitors from all over the world a pleasant stay.

It does not matter if you want to explore Easter Island hiking or with a car, our experienced guides want to share all their knowledge of history, geology, archaeology und daily Rapa Nui life with you. Alternative activities are horsebackridng, diving or biking. Or you just lie in the sun under palmtrees on beautiful Anakena beach and contemplate the mysterious past of Easter Island.


Route Map

Route Overview

Route Overview

Day 1 Reception at Mataveri with flower leis, transfer to hotel, and short introductional meeting with the guide, overnight in hotel.

Day 2 Breakfast in hotel, distribution of daypack supplies. Start of walk to Anakena along the west and north coast. On the way visit ceremonial site of Tahai, the 2 windows cave, Omohi, Hanga Oteo. After arrival at the beach of Anakena possibility to swim in the warm Pacific Ocean. Afterwards dinner and organizing the campsite. Overnight in Anakena.

Day 3 Breakfast in Anakena, distribution of daypack supplies. Visit of archeological sites in Anakena, Ahu Nau Nau and Ature Huki. Afterwards walk to the "moai quarry" Rano Raraku. On the way visit "the navel of the world", Ahu Heki'i, petroglyphs of Papa Vaka. Arrival at Rano Raraku, dinner and camping overnight there.

Day 4 Breakfast at Rano Raraku, distribution of daypack supplies. Visit of Rano Raraku quarry and walk to restored Ahu Tongariki close by. Heading back to the village Hanga Roa walking on the "Ara o the Moai" (Trail of Moais), visit not restored sites at the south coast. Arrival in village and hotel. Dinner in restaurant. Overnight hotel.

Day 5 Breakfast in hotel, distribution of daypack supplies. Walk to the extinct volcano Rano Kau. On our way to the ceremonial village of Orongo enjoy the beautiful view over the whole island and the crater lake of Rano Kau. In the ceremonial village Orongo we will visit the place of the birdman competition with view to the 3 Motus (islets) opposite the coast. Before we go back to the village we walk to Ahu Vinapu, often related to the pre-inka architecture. Dinner in restaurant, overnight in hotel. And our Rapa Nui Trek comes to an end.

Services Included

✓ Professional Bilingual Trekking Guide.
✓ Ratio Guide Clients 1-6.
✓ All local organization and supervision by KL Adventure Staff.
✓ Airport assistance at Santiago and Mataveri in Easter Island.
✓ Private transfers the entire tour including airport pick up.
✓ Hotel 3 nights based on double occupancy with half board.
✓ Entry fee to national park.
✓ Camping fees.
✓ Full board on the trekking and camping days, box lunch included.
✓ All common camping equipment: TNF and Mountain Hardware tents, isolate mattress, stoves & Gaz, etc...
✓ Radio communications equipment VHF 2.
✓ First aid kit.

Services Not Included

✘ Flight Santiago - Easter Island return.
✘ Personal trekking equipment.
✘ Excess luggage on any flight.
✘ Any beverage such as sodas, beer and or wine.
✘ Cancellation, accident and rescue insurance.
✘ Cash for extra expenses.


☝ All itineraries are subject to change due to changes in the weather and the guide's preferences.

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Departures:
    With reservation
  • US $
  • Single room suplement:US $800
  • Reservation cost:US $700
  • Balance payment date: 75 days prior departure
  • Space available: 12