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Many Expedition members have questions about the differences between the major routes on Aconcagua.

This section explains the major differences between the common routes and will assist you in making a routes selection that is appropriate for your goals and skill level.

In our experience in guiding all of the above routes, the one that most commonly gets the best reviews and has the most success is the Ameghino/Upper Guanacos route. The combination of fewer people and quieter base camp appeals to many of our clients. The 3 day trek in and the positioning of the upper camps consistently allow our clients the best possible acclimatization and the highest success rate. It is for these reasons it has become our most popular offering. Please contact us with specific route questions

Aconcagua 100 mil

Aconcagua 50 mil

Aconcagua Ameghino & Upper Guanacos Route with Porters

The Ameghino route approaches the mountain via the Vacas Valley. This scenic 3 day approach allows ample time for acclimatization as you hike to Plaza Argentina base camp. This side of the mountain is less traveled then the normal route and provides

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Aconcagua Normal Route with Porters

This is by far the most traveled route on Aconcagua. The approach is via the Horcones Valley to the Plaza de Mulas base camp. This approach is popular with both trekkers and climbers on the normal routes. This added traffic makes this route much less

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Aconcagua Polish Glacier Route with Porters

This technical glacial route is of a different nature than any of the above routes. The climb follows the Polish traverse to Camp 2 at the base of the Polish Glacier. Summit day ascends the glacier itself to join the summit ridge then descend by the

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Ojos de Salado & Aconcagua with Porters

Ojos de Salado 6893 m/22615 ft &Aconcagua 6.959m/22.841 ft The highest mountain in the world outside of Mount Everest is Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, very popular among those climbers willing to reach an easy Seven Summit and gain experience to

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Aconcagua & El Plomo with Porters

An expedition to the Aconcagua (6,959m / 22,831 ft), the highest point on the American continent, is made easier and more enjoyable following an acclimatization climb on Cerro El Plomo (5,430m / 17,814 ft), the tallest mountain visible from Santiago.

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Aconcagua South Wall Trek

The trek to Plaza Francia, the base of the south face of Mount Aconcagua is a spectacular trekking opportunity with a magnificent view of one of the toughest climbs in the world, Aconcagua southern wall. Thousands of mountaineers from all over the wo

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