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Packing for Aconcagua

A big climbing expedition such as an Aconcagua climb is a gear intensive endeavor to be certain. We have found that much time and effort is spent by expedition members packing and repacking gear only to tear into their bags again looking for a forgotten item. The following primer may aims to streamline some of that process by helping folks to understand what is coming next and how to be prepared for it.

Packing at Home

Packing at home is the easiest of the many times you will be packing. Everything is clean, dry and no one is waiting on you to finish. The overriding goal here is not to forget anything! To accomplish this, after everything is amassed refer to the gear list and check off each item as it is placed in the bags for the final time. It is amazing how easy it is to forget a critical item if you don't actually place in the bag and check it off. Make a separate list of any incidental items that are missing. How things are actually arranged in the bags etc. is not of great importance now as everything will be completely removed as soon as you arrive at the hotel in Mendoza for the gear check. While you have everything out and are packing at home this is an excellent chance to test if everything fits easily into your large duffle bag for the mules. All personal equipment that with the exception of trekking gear should be laid out and test fit into the large duffle. This includes expedition pack, warm clothes, plastic boots, sleeping bag and pad, toiletries etc. If you are fighting to get the zipper closed inside the comfort of your home you might think about upgrading to a larger bag for the trip. Lastly make sure all checked bags are well labeled with your personal information.

When you are registered we will send you the complete packing guide, including how to pack at the hotel and then on the mountain.

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