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1.  What`s the difference between Ameghino Upper Guanacos & Polish and Traverse Route?


The Ameghino Upper Guanacos and the Polish Traverse use the same trekking route, the Vacas and Relinchos valley until Plaza Argentina base camp. The only section where they came apart is after camp 1! The Ameghino traverse through the Ameghino col to the old Guanacos route reaching the chooper camp or camp ! The Polish Traverse continue to the base of the glacier where we set camp 2, near the glacier where the wind with the help of the glacier blows stromg and cold.....this camp is also more expose and the hike to Piedras Blancas more demanding than from camp 2 of the Ameghino Upper Guanacos.

 2. Which route should I choose?

 The Ameghino because: more progressive, less crowdie, beautiful, full circuit, best high camp, most successful, etc...

 3. Can I hire a Porter ?

You have to confirm it in advance. A porter can carry up to 20 kg and cost approximately US $ 1.300 through the Ameghino Upper Guanacos, Polish Traverse and Polish Glacier route and US $ 800 on the Normal route. You normally share it between two, so he carry 10kg each and cost you half of the price.

4. Which training do I need?

Once you get register we will send you a training program, for you to be fit and ready to climb the Aconcagua.

5. What time should I arrive and where do I meet my guides?


We organize a meeting with your guide on day 1 of our program at 5:00pm, at the hotel (Hyatt Park Plaza or NH Cordillera Hotel, depending which Hotel we are using).
For an earlier or latest arrival, please contact us to help you to organize it.

6. How many climbers will participate on the expedition?


We accept a maximum of 12 climbers in each expedition that follow the Ameghino & Upper Guanacos, Polish & Traverse and Normal Route. For the Polish Glacier route we accept 6 climbers.

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