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Above is a non detailed version (this is only for “packing your bags”). Once you sign up we will send you a complete equipment list with some example of model and brand. It is very important that every member arrive with the appropriate equipment. Although there are equipment stores in Argentina it may be difficult to find what you’re looking for. If you are buying new garments for this expedition, get the modern lighter gear.

Feel free of downloading a copy of this list: link to PDF doc

Items marked with :
** are available for rent.
* are available for purchase.


  • **Ski Goggles
  • *Balaclava
  • *Warm fleece or wool hat
  • *Glacier glasses
  • *Extra pair of sunglasses (these don’t need to be glacier glasses)
  • Hat or cap with neck protection for sun on the approach days
  • High U.V. Buff (Optional)
  • Neoprene face mas


  • Fleece liners
  • Gore-Tex ski gloves
  • **Expedition Mittens




Upper Body

  • (2) Polypropylene or wool top- one medium weight and one expedition weight.
  • (1) Fleece, softshell or synthetic insulated jacket.
  • (1) Insulated vest (Optional)
  • Ultralight wind jacket (Optional)
  • Gore-Tex parka
  • **(1)Expedition Down Parka with down hood.
  • Long sleeve lightweight cotton type shirt for the hike in.


  • (2)-Polypropylene or wool bottoms one lightweight and one expedition weight.
  • (1)-One pair of schoeller or nylon soft shell pants.
  • **Insulated over pants or fleece pants with full side zips
  • Lightweight Gore-Tex pants with full side zips



  • 2 pair of socks for the approach.
  • 3 pair of sock combinations (in additition to above)
  • Gaiters
  • **Down or synthetic booties (optional)
  • **Double plastic boots
  • Light weight hiking boots, trekking shoes or trail runners
  • Sandals or neoprene booties.


  • **Down or synthetic rated –10 degrees F/ -26 degrees C
  • Compression sack for sleeping bag
  • Thermarest pad with repair kit



Backpacks and other bags

  • **Internal frame Backpack
  • *Day pack
  • Some medium and large stuff sacks
  • 3 heavy-duty plastic bags
  • **1 large and 1 extra large duffel bags
  • An assortment of Ziploc bags.














  • **Trekking poles or ski poles (MANDATORY)
  • Bandanna for sun protection and cleaning glasses, optional if you have a Buff.
  • Chemical Hand warmers 2 pairs (purchased in most outdoor stores)
  • Ear plugs (for those windy nights or snoring tent mates)
  • Potable aqua (1 bottle)
  • Mole foam or skin treating blisters) (MANDATORY)
  • 1 roll of athletic tape (mandatory)
  • Knife with built in scissors for cutting mole foam/skin.
  • Sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.  Consider bringing Zinc oxide if you burn easily.
  • Head lamp with extra batteries
  • Toiletry items (toothbrush/toothpaste, baby wipes-very useful! & tampons.
  • 2 Lip balms (chapstick with SPF)
  • 2 water bottles (two liters capacity) and 1 one-liter thermos – mandatory!, total capacity 3 liters.
  • Many people like to have a separate wide mouth bottle only for peeing in.  This bottle should be clearly labeled!
  • Cup/Insulated Mug, bowl and spoon




  • Climbing seat harness (Polish Glacier only)
  • 1 Locking Carabiner  (Polish Glacier only)
  • **Ice axe and leash 60-70 cm
  • **Crampons


  • 2-3 lbs. of lunch food



  • Ibuprofen, Motrin or Advil
  • Aspirin
  • Blister kit (athletic tape, mole foam, and 5-6 Band-Aid

Optional Items

  • Compact camera, Paperback book, Pee funnel (for women only), Mp3 player


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