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With the intention of trustworthily representing the different recommendations and gratefulness from our clients, we have maintained texts in its original language.

 Lieber Joaquin,
Da ich annehme, dass ich Dich nicht mehr vor meiner Abreise sehen werde wollte ich mich auf diesem Weg nochmals bei Dir bedanken. Es hat alles so gut geklappt! Und auch Deine Unterstuetzung bei dem zweiten Teil meiner Reise nach Patagonien war fuer mich eine grosse Hilfe!!
Das Satelittentelefon habe ich eingepackt und werde es Ralf bringen. Ich wuerde mich freuen von Dir zu hoeren. Fuer Deine Arbeit und Deine Bergtouren wuensche ich Dir weiterhin viel Glueck.
Herzliche Gruesse.

Beate Boltz

Lieber Joaquin,
Ich möchte Dir nochmals herzlich danken für Dein großes Engagement, für die perfekte Organisation und all die vielen Kleinigkeiten, die Du für uns so selbstverständlich erledigt oder geregelt hast. Vielen Dank für die ausführliche e-Mail-Kommunikation und Beratung vor unserer Expedition, für Deine engagierten und motivierten Mitarbeiter im Base-Camp, in Mendoza oder wo sie uns auch immer geholfen haben, für die Auswahl von Rob als Guide und für die exzellente kulinarische Verpflegung. Richte bitte besondere Grüsse an Jorgelina und Juan aus, die uns so erstklassig verpflegt haben. In meinem Kopf habe ich unzählige wunderschöne Bilder und Erinnerungen an diese Expedition, die man nicht mit dem Fotoapparat festhalten kann, die mich aber sicher mein Leben lang begleiten werden. Danke!
Herzliche Grüße,

Nicole Benning

Trip logistics were well organized ? Comments : Everything went very smooth,It was great to have a small bag of stuff sent from Plaza Argentina around to Plaza de Mulas, as we could have clean underwear, socks and our trail shoes without having to carry them to high camp.
Guides were well versed in safety/ first aid protocols ? Comments:  Tatiana seemed very knowledgeable with first aid and altitude sickness, and seemed well prepared. 
Food on the trip was appetizing and nutritious ? Comments:  Tatiana’s food was awesome. The other groups in our camps were jealous when all they had was rice and we had fresh baked pizza in Camp 2! A couple mornings in base camp, there was not much provided for breakfast (one day was only toast) and we finally had to ask them each day to make eggs.  
Booking agent was knowledgeable / helpful.(specify) ? Comments: Joaquin was very helpful with all of my requests, and very quick to respond, which is one of the main reasons I selected KL Adventure to work with on this trip.  
Transportation and ground transfers ? Comments: the transfers and transport was fine.  All vehicles were comfortable and there was plenty of room.
Hotels and other accommodations ? Hyatt is awesome of course. Penitentes is not great, but obviously there is no other option. I 
The trip was great, we will definitely work with you again for our 2010 climb, and also hope to add a Patagonia trip in the near future. It was also nice to have Joaquin meet the group in Mendoza and to spend more time with him on the drive to Santiago. We would definitely want to have Tatiana as our guide again.  She was exceptional and there was not another guide on the mountain I would have rather had than her. It is also very nice to have a local guide as your leader, better in my opinion than having American or European guides. 
Billi also did a very nice job, as an assistant guide she was great.  The two of them worked very well together.

January 22nd, 2009

Andrew Nachman Northwest Voyageur.

Overall environment of the expedition was nice, relaxed and very good.
Guides were able proactively to solve all unexpected issues during the trip, and responded to the requests in fast and professional way.

January 12th, 2010

Sarma Jeca

"Tatiana and Billi were great guides on the Aconcagua expedition. I'd be happy to climb another mountain with them again!! Our food was better than that from other groups going up the mountain, and it was nice to have hot thermoses brought to our tent in mornings (other groups noticed this, and the fact that they had to go get their own water, among other things less positive than that of our group). I always felt safe, that Tatiana & Billi knew what they were doing on the mountain, and that they had enough energy to handle whatever could come our way. On summit day, Billi brought a guy down to Camp 3 from 1/3 (or more) of the way up, then she ascended and caught up to us, in order to summit from Camp 3 in only 5 ½ hours! A real rock star. Then, when I was really burnt out almost all the way back to camp (with heavier snow coming down and covering the trail), Billi helped me back to Camp3... a real help when it was needed, and on the part of the trail where accidents are most prone to happen (way down from summit day). This was really appreciated. Our staff helped create a real team atmosphere, and our group was the "cool table" at the lower camps, and out dining tent was the social center of activity with several groups joining us for cards, games, etc after dinner. Our pace up the mountain was the right speed, not to fast and not too slow, enabling 5 of 6 of our group to get to the summit, and the remaining 1 doing his personal best on summit day! One guy from another group was "turned around" partway up on summit day; he later felt that he could have made it to the top with a slightly slower group pace. I've seen this before on other mountains. Our pace was just right! We were properly aware of the mountain challenges before the expedition, and the challenge met my personal expectations. I came off the mountain without any physical aches and pains, feeling good about the expedition and ready for more mountains in the future! Perhaps Elbrus and Denali, the 2nd with some technical training and practice. I have NO COMPLAINTS about this expedition! I believe our guides, our food were better than that of other groups, that our group gear was appropriate, and that we were properly instructed on how to prepare for the mountain and which gear to bring! I enjoyed the company of the clients as well, and that of the other teams headed up the mountain with us. This was a great expedition, and I'm lucky to have made some new friends on the mountain.

I'd recommend KL Adventure for anyone wanting to climb Aconcagua, in particular Tatiana as lead guide. Likewise I'd climb a mountain (Nepal?) with Billi and recommend her guiding services as well. Best Wishes, Mark.

January 2009


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